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Vacation Rentals Are Perfect For Corporate Retreats

Vacation rentals are often thought of as the place for families or couples to go relax and take a break. But hey, did you know that one of the largest growing customer base for vacation rental owners in Florida is actually corporations! And the reason is simple. Vacation rentals offer everything that one may need in a retreat, but here’s the catch – it usually costs only a fraction!

Here are some reasons why vacation rentals are perfect for corporate retreats:

1. Instead of spending on a separate hotel room for each attendee, you can often just book a vacation rental with 3-4 bedrooms and perhaps book 2 of these. This way, everyone has their own rooms, but still stays close together – promoting better team building and comraderie which is the whole purpose of the retreat.

2. Vacation rentals often come equipped with a full office and the living room can often be converted into a conference room. Alternatively, the backyard can be used as the location for some casual brainstorming. All of a sudden, you save on costs related to the additional conference room booking!

3. Your employees/team will love it! Retreats to a hotel resort don’t really feel that relaxed. The conference room at the hotel feels just like one at the office location, just a different setting. On the other hand a vacation rental feels like a vacation! Your team will love the idea of relaxing at the vacation rental during evenings while engaging in meetings and conversations at a truly “differen” setting compared to the office space.

4. Often, the team can stay back for the weekend after a week’s retreat and their cost. Most team members will not mind the few additional dollars since the company usually pays the travel related expenses anyway. What a great way to award your best team members with a free vacation and at the same time, getting a useful idea-generating retreat out of it!

These are only a few points. In a future post, I’ll write about how vacation rental owners can market to corporations and dramatically improve their occupancy levels and revenue despite recession.