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Miami Beach Battle Over Home Rental Laws

Miami Beach is in a state of disarray, the homeowners have engaged in a huge row over their homeMiami Beachs being rented out to visitors for several days. While some are of the opinion that they have the right to decide the matters about their homes others feel that their neighborhood being rented out is also a case of nuisance for them. Finally, the authorities are also participating in this debate in order to help homeowners reach agreeable consensus.

Due to the falling real estate rates, home owners are not able to get a desirable value for their homes, on the other hand buyers are not ready to dispose high amounts of their income for new homes and hence renting is becoming a very popular option. In Southern Florida, especially the Miami Beach region this has become a bigger issue as neighbors are facing serious issues with home owners renting out their properties to others.

Donna Bloom, a resident at Miami Beach was annoyed with the decisions that other home owners make while renting out their place. She is strongly against the renting out of premises and is harassed due to the ongoing trends where in people renting the neighborhood homes over the weekends or even on weekdays use the homes for partying and other noisy activities.

Jonah Wolfson, Miami Beach commissioner came out in support of the residents saying that the residents should be allowed to live in a peaceful environment and newer laws should be introduced in order to safeguard the interests of the resident. He also agreed to a possibility of a law being introduced to help define the short term rentals and pointed towards its importance during these times for protection of civilian rights.

While the residents are complaining, the real estate brokers are having a busy time fixing newer appointments every week and at times every day. They are of the opinion that even the homeowners can have parties on weekends so why get annoyed with the people who rent these houses! There is also a very strong feeling that the introduction of a new law might have an impact on the Miami Beach economy. This could be bad news in an already suffering economy.

As the tension in the area builds up, the city commission is trying to find a solution to this possibly threatening problem at the soonest!