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Koh Samui Villa Rentals 2015

Koh Samui is a romantic beach destination. Locals and tourists alike cannot get enough of the turquoise waters and the fine pristine sand that stretch for miles. For those who want to escape the busy city life, this lovely island is a wonderful destination. One raved about property in Lipa Noi is Dhevatara Cove. This is among the most awarded villas on the island and is known for its tranquil views, amazing service, and premier location. For your dream holiday, Dhevatara Cove is a good option. Designed for 10 people, it has 5 luxurious bedrooms, 4 private bathrooms, and an additional shower room. Samui International Airport is 35 km away. It offers car hire and airport transfer services.

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Being in this property is like being in an enchanted place. The beach is simply breathtaking. There is something really amazing about a long stretch of clear waters and powdery sand. Here, the beach is right in your doorsteps. You can lie on the sand, collect rare sea shells, and make sand figures. Among its best features is the covered sala. This features a rustic table and cushioned seats. It is an ideal place to meditate or enjoy an afternoon tea. Tropical plants are abundant to provide shade and plenty of fresh air. The wooden sundeck is spacious and makes a nice spot to get a tan or enjoy a yummy tropical shake. The swimming pool is perfect for everyone and makes a good focal point where guests can gather together.

The living area is decorated to perfection. Glass doors that are fully opened during the day make the most of the scenery. All the colors used are muted yet warm to promote a feeling of coziness and harmony. Stuffed couches and antique style table are featured. Different island inspired antique pieces are also used as decors. There is also a charming dining area nearby that is perfect for 4 people.

The bedrooms are beautiful, spacious, yet comfortable. The bed is big, with luxurious linens and soft pillows. There are chairs, a work table, and fantastic views of the beach and the garden. There is a Wi-Fi on site for easy browsing. The bathrooms are luxurious, with a nice marble tub and a roomy shower. The villa has a fitness centre, where guests can keep up with their workouts. The fully equipped kitchen also features a breakfast bar as well as contemporary kitchen equipment. ที่พักเขาใหญ่ is secure and has a car park, garage, and well trained staffs. The amenities are similar to those that can be found in luxury hotels and resorts. The difference is that here, the setting is more intimate.

An island holiday spent in Koh Samui is bound to be fun. Koh Samui villa is a good venue for a honeymoon or for a getaway with friends. This is a relaxing property set on the lovely beach of Lipa Noi. This is an ideal home away from home for guests with discerning tastes and those who won’t settle for less than the best.

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