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How to Choose a Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking for how to choose a bed and breakfast (B&B) there are some things you should consider before booking your stay. Bed and breakfasts come in various forms: boarding type homes, cottages and private homes. A bed and breakfast can be a quaint place to stay or a nightmare depending on what you will look for in accommodations for your trip. Here are some ways to choose a bed and breakfast for your vacation.

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Consider the amount of privacy you need.

Not all bed and breakfasts are created equal. Some have private bathrooms, while others require guests to share a bathroom. Some are designed as suites, while others are simply bedrooms. This also means that you must be prepared for noisy neighbors as well. If privacy is a big issue for you then perhaps a cottage B&B or a private suite room is more your style.

Consider the facilities

Is there parking? What is the overall cleanliness of the bed and breakfast? Is breakfast served in your room or in a common meeting space? It is important to spend some time thinking about your personal needs before booking. Parking for your car doesn’t seem important until you learn the nearest place to park is a rather long walk away. The majority of the information you need is usually accessible on a website or by making a quick phone call to ensure you will have what you need upon arrival.

How much access will you have to your accommodations?

Some bed and breakfasts have no issues about giving you a key or allowing you to come and go as you please. This means you can have access to your room (for instance if you are staying more than one night). There are other B&B’s that would like you to depart promptly after breakfast and do not expect your return until dinner. Some even lock up for the night at a certain time! Ask questions about the flexibility of the location you are choosing. These questions can be the most important one on your “how to choose a bed and breakfast” list.

Are you bringing the family or do you want a romantic stay?

Some bed and breakfasts are open to families and others do not allow children. Some bed and breakfasts are specifically designed for the honeymooner in mind. They cater to newlyweds and discourage or do not allow young children. Other locations are more family orientated and welcome families of all sizes. These are very important questions to ask before booking your stay.

What is your budget

This was saved for last because a bed and breakfast can offer many additional accomodations that hotels do not. As a result, a really good B&B can end up saving you money in the long run. As an example, some B&B locations offer home cooked meals (and not just breakfast) as a part of your stay. If you consider the cost of meals while staying at a hotel, this may actually be a huge savings to you. Some smaller B&B’s have less accomodations but are very close to your tourist locations, making a rental car unnecessary.